About the Tingtun Checker

The Tingtun Checker has been developed with support from PTS in the WTKollen project, and from H2020 in the EIII project and will provide services to web pages and PDF documents for accessibility.

The page checker automatically detects barriers in Web documents (HTML and XHTML). It is intended to conform to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1 (WCAG2.1). The PDF checker checks the accessibility of PDF documents.

Tingtun Checkers privacy policy:

This privacy policy describes how Tingtun Checkers collect and process personal data.

Data processing:

The collected data is used to store user settings to configure Tingtun Termer, for maintenance, and for development of the service. Anonymised data from the checkers can be stored for up to 12 months, and older data can be stored permanently in an aggregated and anonymised form. Data from the web log will be kept for 3 Months and then deleted. The data will not be shared with any third party, unless obliged by law.

Data collection:

The following pieces of information are stored. For the check of web pages the URL and the results are stored. PDF documents are deleted immediately after the check is completed. Check results from both checkers can be stored for usage statistics. No personal data is stored with the check results for users who are not logged in. The webpages of the service will store IP-address and click streams in a weblog wich is deleted every third Month. Tingtun Checker use cookies to manage the user sessions.

For registered users who give their consent we can store email, password, personal lists with documents and check results.

The lawfullness of data processing is grounded in Article 6 of the GDPR.

E-mail and use of the contact form:

E-mails with information concerning the Tingtun Checker service can be sent to subscribers of the service. Your e-mail will not be used for any other purpose or be disclosed to others.

Should you have any questions, please contact our privacy policy officer using the Contact form. You can include your email in case you want us to contact you. Anonymized requests may be used in a list of Frequently Asked Questions. Requests will be responded to individually.

Problems and suggestions

The Tingtun Checker will have problems and bugs, both known and unknown.
If you discover a bug or any other problem, please send us your feedback.